Dunstan Kendrick’s PCES

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Program

A 90-day comprehensive postpartum rehabilitation/exercise program designed to reprogram, restore and rebuild functionality, mechanics and muscular strength of the body. The program is divided into 3 parts with each part covering 4 weeks.

Part 1 (Reprogram Weeks 1-4): Evaluation, Educating, Implementations

•wk1: Breathing: Mind II Body Connection
•wk2: Anatomy: Posture/Restoring The Core
•wk3: Pelvic Floor: Understanding its function and how to rebuild it
•wk4:: Diastase: What is it? How To fix it. Intro to abdominal and core exercises.

Part 2 (Restore Weeks 5-8): Bringing the body back into full motion

•wk5: Deep Breathing and Kinetic Chain: Exercises and Movements
•wk6: Functional Movements
•wk7: Functional Exercises: Strengthening the Lower Core
•wk8: Cardio and Resistance Training: Increasing Oxygen Output and Building Muscle

Part 3 (Rebuild Weeks 9-12): Beginning and committing to a lifestyle of fitness and wellness

•wk9: Nutritional Plan: 30day Food Challenge
•wk10: The Wellness Lifestyle: Time Management and Commitment to family, food, fitness, finances
•wk11: What is your VISION? How much are you willing to put in!
•wk12: D-BLOCK FIT TEST: Are you now fit and ready to join D-BLOCK group training sessions???

Personal PCES

•Monday-9am. 930am. 1030am. 11am
•Tuesday-9am. 930am. 10am 1030am. 11am
•Wednesday-9am. 930am.  1030am. 11am
•Thursday-9am. 930am. 10am. 1030am. 11am
Training Cost:
Overall PCES Training program $900 ($300.00x3mo)

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